Who's Your Hero?

So I think I have a pretty cool calling.  I am the Girl's Camp Director.  I've found from talking to other women that most either love or loathe this calling.  I definitely fall under the love category.  I get to plan a week of camping in the middle of nowhere with teenage girls who are, quite frankly, hilarious, and do all kinds of fun things like singing silly songs and riding a zipline.  How does that not sound appealing? Well, camp was fantastic and I had a blast with the girls.  I'll admit, it was a little stressful being in charge and my awesome assistant did more than her fair share of the work....a lot more. She rocks!  The theme this year was "Who's Your Hero?" and each ward picked a hero from the scriptures to base their camp around.  Our girls chose Moses and boy did we have fun with snakes, staffs, burning bushes, and parting the Red Sea!

Cute beehives setting up their tent :)

Hooray for certification! Highlight of the week: Older girls gather the younger girls together to help pass off certification....WITHOUT being asked!!   How cute are these little ladies?

Adorable mia maids.  I was put in as the mia maid advisor right before camp.  These funny girls toilet papered my bed to "initiate" me.  They even put pink polka dots on the toilet paper and tied bows.  They crack me up!

Cooking up some lunch with Steph and Alex.  These women are incredible and were so fun to work with at camp.

Roasting fried chicken over the fire=hours of laughter.  I about died when she added a piece of garlic bread and ate it all straight from the skewer.  "I love me some fried chicken!"  This also happens to be the same girl who dropped her flashlight in the porta potty.  Luckily a brave first year fished it out for her.  Talk about a good friend!

These girls really are so much fun.  Hopefully they got a little spiritual boost from girls camp in addition to some good laughter and memories.  I know I did!

A Whole Year!

We did it! Mitch and I have been married a whole year!  Ok, so this momentous occasion may have happened more than two months ago (posting and I don't get along sometimes), but I still wanted to put up a few pictures.  We thought for our first year anniversary we really needed to do something big...go somewhere exotic and have a grand adventure.  What did we do you ask?  Headed for St. George!  Well, perhaps it wasn't the tropical paradise we were dreaming of, but we had a great time taking a mini vacation with just the two of us.  Here's a taste from some of our trip:

We had a ton of fun hiking and exploring Snow Canyon State Park.  The trail we took wasn't really marked so we forged our own.  So much for staying on marked paths! Luckily I was able to rescue Mitch from nearly falling to his death off this cliff ;) 

What a beautiful day for hiking! ....and taking awkward pictures.   

Triumphant Mitch after we traversed our way up and over the mountainish thing behind him.

We found a cliff high above the city one day where we ate lunch.  It was pretty windy, but the view was great.  See the temple in the distance?

We of course had to stop at the temple and visitor's center while we were there.  We forgot the camera the day we actually did a session, but snagged a picture when we went back to do more sightseeing. 

Our fun little trip also included visiting several historic sites, great food, and a failed attempt at playing tennis.  Who knew it could be so hard to find an open tennis court on a Monday morning?! We had a great time being gone for a few days and couldn't be happier after our first year of marriage.  I've heard people say that the first year is the hardest; if that's the case, we've got some phenomenal years ahead of us!