Transfer and Results

Well, our embryo transfer day came and went. This is us in the waiting room before getting called back to the procedure room. It was a very spiritual, yet stressful experience. The clinic really helps to make things somewhat calm with lots of smiles, relaxing background music, and dim lighting. But at the same time, we felt the stress of understanding reports and making quick, important decisions like how many embryos to transfer. We went with what we had discussed previously and transferred one embryo. Here he or she is at blastocyst stage (about 8 cells).  
It was a unique and tender experience to see a potential baby only a few days after fertilizing. Below, you can see the picture of the real time ultrasound after releasing it; the white dot is an air bubble around the too-small-to-see blastocyst. Modern technology and medicine have many truly miraculous advancements and procedures, and we're grateful that we even have this option to help us have the baby that we want so badly.
 We were hoping this precious embryo would stick and become our first child, but unfortunately, the odds were not in our favor this time. We found out on Thursday that we had an unsuccessful first transfer. As you would suspect, this was devastating news to us and the following days were difficult. This is a new chapter in what seems like our forever-long journey of infertility. We are holding onto faith and hope that our miracle will still come. We would appreciate your continued prayers in the upcoming weeks as we decide on our next steps and hopefully have good news to report in the future.

Here's a story that has helped us throughout this whole process.


Hyperstimulation and Embryo Transfer

For any who may not have seen Mitch's post on Facebook, the doctor retrieved 51 eggs on Wednesday. 51 eggs?!?!  We were thrilled of course, but also a little nervous as this put me at high risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).  Basically, with OHSS your ovaries freak out, and as the follicles begin refilling with fluid so does your entire abdomen.  In women who have undergone IVF treatment, mild OHSS is actually quite common.  Given my situation, it was almost inevitable that I would experience this to some degree.  Wednesday I really felt pretty good as I rested during the day.  Thursday I went to work and felt a tad bloated, but nothing that seemed too bad.  Hooray!  Only mild OHSS for me!

That evening, after reassuring my sweet and concerned mom that my symptoms were not too bad and she had nothing to worry about, my tummy began to feel as if someone had blown me up like a balloon.  I looked like I was already pregnant, and can't remember ever feeling so full in my life. (Please someone tell me that's not what I'll actually feel like when I'm pregnant!) I had gained 2.5 pounds since the day before, and it hurt!   I eventually went to bed (as if I was going to sleep), and Mitch decided to make a quick run to the store to get some more things he thought might help me.  While he was gone, I became aware that someone had installed a splash pad in my belly.  Bursts of water, sloshing and splashing, and a whole lot of movement were going on inside of me.  I wondered if perhaps, my organs were starting to burst open!  Well, it turns out, as Mitch played my dashing and masculine nurse, my body worked some magic in the night.  I was in the restroom as much as I was in bed it seemed.  By morning, I was feeling about a million times better and had lost 3 pounds overnight after shedding my fluid build up.  Sometimes Heavenly Father takes His time to answer our prayers and sometimes he answers them overnight.  I was so grateful He answered quickly this time!

We received the news the day after the retrieval that 28 eggs had fertilized.  We were so happy to hear about our 28 little embryos working on a little mitosis (or would that me meiosis?).  According to the message the nurse left yesterday (Oct. 5), all our embryos were healthy and progressing well.  Grow babies grow!

Tomorrow (Oct. 7), we check in at 11:15 and will meet with the doctor at 11:30 to discuss the number of embryos, what will be transferred, and what we'll freeze.  More than likely about half of our embryos won't still be kickin' in the morning.  The transfer will follow our little pow wow and then it's lounging on the couch for the next several days for me.  I'm only supposed to get up to use the restroom, so I'll be doing some movie watching, book reading (shout out to Megan for the book and movie donations!), and a little dozing. If anyone wants to stop by for a chat...or to make a trip to the fridge for me....feel free!  The procedure is not invasive and isn't associated with any discomfort, so I should be in good spirits :)  Mitch will be home with me tomorrow and then will pop in and out the following days to check on me and make sure I'm doing well.

So to you dear friends and family, we thank you for your love, support, and prayers.  We've already seen so many miracles through this process and know they are due in large measure to your great faith.  We can't thank you enough.  We'd love continued prayers and good vibes that our sweet little embryo will think my uterus is an awesome place to hang out for the next nine months!


"She's Like a Fine Wine"

Retrieval time has come.  Tomorrow morning at 10:30 I'll be unconscious and the doctor will be taking out all the little eggs I've been working hard to produce the last few weeks.  It's true, the retrieval should already have happened.  My tentative date was Monday the 30th, but I was certain I'd be ready early since I tend to be sensitive to medication.  Boy was I wrong!  Apparently I still need these little reminders about who's really in control here.  After increasing my medication dose last week, I still wasn't good to go at my ultrasound on Saturday.  They said I wouldn't be ready Sunday either so we scheduled my next ultrasound for Monday.  That meant the retrieval would be Wednesday at the earliest.  At first I was a bit miffed by the delay, but decided a few days was totally worth the wait especially if it resulted in a decent set of eggs.  As I left the office Saturday morning, one of the nurses said, "She's like a fine wine."  While I don't drink the stuff myself, I can appreciate that this might be "one of those things that gets sweeter with time." 

Mitch pulled the trigger last night at precisely 10:30 pm.  That is to say, he gave me my HCG "trigger" shot.  This injection should put my body in go mode so we can start the baby making process tomorrow morning. 

So while you go about work, school, or play tomorrow, think of me at 10:30 and be jealous that you too aren't having your ovaries aspirated :)  Fingers crossed for a happy, healthy batch of eggs!