Transfer and Results

Well, our embryo transfer day came and went. This is us in the waiting room before getting called back to the procedure room. It was a very spiritual, yet stressful experience. The clinic really helps to make things somewhat calm with lots of smiles, relaxing background music, and dim lighting. But at the same time, we felt the stress of understanding reports and making quick, important decisions like how many embryos to transfer. We went with what we had discussed previously and transferred one embryo. Here he or she is at blastocyst stage (about 8 cells).  
It was a unique and tender experience to see a potential baby only a few days after fertilizing. Below, you can see the picture of the real time ultrasound after releasing it; the white dot is an air bubble around the too-small-to-see blastocyst. Modern technology and medicine have many truly miraculous advancements and procedures, and we're grateful that we even have this option to help us have the baby that we want so badly.
 We were hoping this precious embryo would stick and become our first child, but unfortunately, the odds were not in our favor this time. We found out on Thursday that we had an unsuccessful first transfer. As you would suspect, this was devastating news to us and the following days were difficult. This is a new chapter in what seems like our forever-long journey of infertility. We are holding onto faith and hope that our miracle will still come. We would appreciate your continued prayers in the upcoming weeks as we decide on our next steps and hopefully have good news to report in the future.

Here's a story that has helped us throughout this whole process.

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