"She's Like a Fine Wine"

Retrieval time has come.  Tomorrow morning at 10:30 I'll be unconscious and the doctor will be taking out all the little eggs I've been working hard to produce the last few weeks.  It's true, the retrieval should already have happened.  My tentative date was Monday the 30th, but I was certain I'd be ready early since I tend to be sensitive to medication.  Boy was I wrong!  Apparently I still need these little reminders about who's really in control here.  After increasing my medication dose last week, I still wasn't good to go at my ultrasound on Saturday.  They said I wouldn't be ready Sunday either so we scheduled my next ultrasound for Monday.  That meant the retrieval would be Wednesday at the earliest.  At first I was a bit miffed by the delay, but decided a few days was totally worth the wait especially if it resulted in a decent set of eggs.  As I left the office Saturday morning, one of the nurses said, "She's like a fine wine."  While I don't drink the stuff myself, I can appreciate that this might be "one of those things that gets sweeter with time." 

Mitch pulled the trigger last night at precisely 10:30 pm.  That is to say, he gave me my HCG "trigger" shot.  This injection should put my body in go mode so we can start the baby making process tomorrow morning. 

So while you go about work, school, or play tomorrow, think of me at 10:30 and be jealous that you too aren't having your ovaries aspirated :)  Fingers crossed for a happy, healthy batch of eggs!

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