Part Dos - Update Pics

Here are some pictures from our time in Portland, OR. We loved it there, even though we picked the worst time to go (Fall, Winter). The green, the produce, the people, the weirdness, the restaurants, the smell of rain, and family; we enjoyed it all . . . just not the traffic. We are grateful to Mom and Pops Banks for letting us crash in their "North Wing" for the seven months.

We enjoyed the 2012 holiday season up in Oregon with Angela's parents, and then rang in the new year as the Smith clan visited Kimber's family for Eliana's baptism (Mitch's sister and niece).

Mitch cut down his first real Christmas Tree!

Here are more Portland Adventures including our Valentine's party, our favorite restaurant there (Trebol), Mitch's clinical rotation site on the waterfront, and Wakeena Falls Hiking. 

We took our three year anniversary trip to the place where we first met, Tacoma. It started off with a stressed Mitch taking (and Passing!) his boards in Puyallup, but then followed with a relaxing vacation where we enjoyed our bed & breakfast joint, good eats, beautiful scenery, and fond memories by the Puget Sound.

 The Restaurant of our first date (Anthony's)

Above is UPS where we were EFY counselors, as well as the steps where Heath Ledger once sang. Below is the highlight of the trip for us: a picnic on a random secluded beach we found on our way to Seattle!

In mid May, it was back to Vegas, where Mitch graduated from UNLV's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. Can't believe three years came and went so fast.

And then, in June, came our fresh, new start in Reno, Nevada . . . 

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