Two Year Update - Part I

Well, since it's been over two years since our last post, I think we are due for some updating. A lot has happened in the past two years, but we thought a few pictures and explanations of the major stuff would give enough detail to fill people in. I (Mitch) thought I'd give it a shot to get the ball rolling, and then Angela can get back to her regular (regular for us is like every few months) blogging soon without people wondering what the heck happened in 2012 and 2013. Because, of course, everyone is so curious and intrigued by our lives . . .

To start off, a quick reference to the last post we put on here back in August of '11. Some of you may be wondering if we actually stuck to that weird diet thing, and the answer is "You Betcha!" We continue to love our plant-based, minimally processed food as much as ever. We've added many more ideas and recipes over the past two years and are always (sometimes maybe more than necessary) looking for more or trying to stay current with nutrition research. Our odd way of eating has become something we truly enjoy together.

~A recent homemade pizza we made: Half barbecue chickpea with sweet potato, corn, onion, and pineapple; and Half tomato, basil, and mushroom, with hemp hearts and nutritional yeast in place of cheese and fresh avacado placed on some pieces. We thought it was quite delicious!~

Now back to an update of special events for us in the last two years. Shortly after our last post, Angela accepted her first (and only to this point) full-time teaching job at Somerset Academy - a charter school in North Las Vegas. She taught 1st grade to a class of 25 students. It was stressful at times, but rewarding at others, and we are grateful now for the experience and the financial support it was with me still in school.
She had a great class!

In October of that year, we completed our 1st triathlon as mentioned in the previous post. We were satisfied with our times even though the bike trail slowed us down a bit. We had foolishly trained on flat while the course was all up and down small hills. It was still memorable and something we hope to do again.

As 2012 began, Angela continued working hard at Somerset, and I finished up the classroom part of my graduate schooling and prepared for PT clinical rotations. We enjoyed finishing that busy and stressful school year by taking a few trips that spring and summer.

Mesa Pageant with Parker and Steph


Our 2 year Anniversary trip to Southern Cal. We visited Malibu, went to the beach, attended a few concerts, and finished it by attending Parker's graduation from law school in San Diego. 

Angela took two trips by herself to her last girl's camp as ward director and to her sister, Melanie's sealing to her husband, Brian. 

But the biggest trip of all in 2012 was our move to Portland, Oregon in October where we spent the next 7 months as I finished my final two clinical rotations. Check out all that stuff in our tiny Accent!

Well, Part II picking up from Oregon should be coming in the next few weeks. 


  1. Hey! We are in Lovelock and you are in Reno, thats about as close as it gets in Northern Nevada, we need to get together!

    The Chad & Lisa Banks Fam!

    1. I know! We definitely need to get to together. We'll have to make plans soon :)

  2. thank for the catch up and thanks for the above comments! Family is important!